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The DI Wire recently highlighted ADISA and IPA’s joint comment to the SEC regarding the definition of accredited investor (read the comment here). DFPG’s CEO Mike Bendix is currently the president of ADISA and, as a result, took an active role in writing the comment. The manner in which the term accredited investor is defined, which the SEC revists every four years, carries important implications for investors and the types of investments they are able to puruse.

In review of the joint comment, the DI Wire concluded:

“The two organizations noted that, ‘the potential for market disruption and investor harm that might result from changing the definition outweighs any potential investor protection or other public policy benefit, and believe that changes to the definition might in fact negatively impact the ability of companies and businesses across the country to raise needed capital for their operation and growth.’”

You can read the full article here.

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