SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – September 16, 2016 – DFPG Investments, Inc. (DFPG:, a dually-registered independent broker-dealer and RIA, announced that Mike Crimmins, formerly the CEO and Managing Director of KBS Capital Markets Group, and Robert Straton, previously a Senior Vice President at Cole Real Estate Investments, have joined DFPG.

DFPG’s CEO Mike Bendix says “Both Mike and Bob are widely respected within the industry. Each have held important roles and done some impressive work for well-known companies. We are pleased to associate the DFPG brand with two outstanding professionals.” In addition to his role as Chief Executive Officer at DFPG, Mike Bendix is the current President of ADISA, a national association for investment professionals working in alternative and direct investments.

Mike Crimmins spent many years at KBS Capital Markets, advancing through various positions before his departure as the CEO and Managing Director of KBS Capital Markets Group. “Anyone working in the alternative investment space knows DFPG has established itself as an industry leader,” says Crimmins. “When it came time to make this pivotal transition in my career, I needed to partner with a company that provided a compelling platform and a recognized brand. DFPG was the clear choice because they provide me with all the resources I need.”

Crimmins adds, “I recently spent a week at DFPG’s annual Real Estate Boot Camp and their Rep Conference in Deer Valley, Utah. I was blown away by the effort this company makes to educate its reps. I have been attending events like these for decades, and can tell you that no one is doing it as well as DFPG.”

Robert Straton worked at Cole Real Estate Investments for several years before founding NW 1031 Planning, Inc., based in Portland, Oregon. “Because of my background and familiarity with real estate investments, I was very particular about which broker-dealer would enable me to successfully launch my new company. I wanted access to great products and to work with people whose values aligned with mine.” Straton says, “Within the first few minutes of speaking with DFPG, I knew that this group cares deeply about the company culture, and I already knew they are best in class when it comes to their approach to alternative products.”

DFPG’s President Ryan Smith said, “It is a testament to the hard work of our due diligence and compliance teams that DFPG is able to attract people like Mike and Bob. These are two veterans who know the industry very well. If our products and solutions meets their needs, then I am confident that we are getting a lot of things right, because these are two very discerning individuals.”

Smith continues, “When you create a company and methodically build a brand, you are making assumptions about what reps and investors want. Many of these assumptions came from the founding partners’ experience as reps working directly with clients, something we still do. But I can’t adequately express how gratifying it is to know that the investments DFPG has made in our people, our processes, and our industry relationships have resonated with so many other professionals, like Mike and Bob.”

“The recent growth trend at DFPG is a reflection of the value we seek to create and our ability to consistently deliver on that promise,” added Smith. “I am proud of our team and we are very optimistic about the future.”

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