SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – ­­­­­­July 14, 2017 – DFPG Investments, Inc., a dually-registered independent broker-dealer and investment advisor, is pleased to announce that RCM Investments, located in Provo, Utah, has joined DFPG.

“We are thrilled about our new partnership,” noted Tony Riggs, founder and President at RCM Investments.  “DFPG will provide our clients with access to unique products and robust due diligence.  From their transition process to their branch-level support initiatives, DFPG was the clear leader among the many options we considered.”

Commenting on the RCM Investment news, DFPG’s CEO Mike Bendix called 2017 a growth year, noting that DFPG has increased its total rep count by more than 13% through July.  “We’ve known the RCM team for a long time.  We also know who the other broker-dealers were that they were considering.  So this was a big win for us and I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them to the DFPG family.”

In addition to his role as CEO at DFPG, Mike Bendix is the past President of ADISA, a national association for investment professionals working in alternative and direct investments.  Bendix and his two business partners, Ryan Smith and Dan Luke, launched DFPG with the vision of creating a boutique broker-dealer that would specialize in working with representatives who want to incorporate alternative investments, with an emphasis in investment real estate, in their business.

Smith, DFPG’s President, says the firm’s recent growth is the result of several factors.  “Reps are on the move,” Smith said.  “I think the agitation behind the movement is a combination of many things.  There are some reps who need to make the move because their current broker-dealer is no longer providing the alternative products they need.  Others want to escape the juggernaut and return to a smaller and more boutique culture.  And then there are those reps who are moving because their broker-dealer is being acquired or merged into another.”

Smith says that DFPG’s proprietary transition process, called QuickLaunch, and the firm’s experience in due diligence and alternative investments have been the difference maker.  “We’ve found that reps who want to make a broker-dealer change are often reluctant to follow through because they are afraid of the transition.  We created QuickLaunch as a way to eliminate this concern.  Transitions are never fun, but our QuickLaunch program eliminates a lot of the hassle and, truth be told, sets DFPG apart from all our competitors.”

“When you couple QuickLaunch with our alternative products, our due diligence, and our RIA platform,” continues Smith, “we feel confident that DFPG’s value proposition will resonate in the market and will creating lasting value for our reps for many years to come.”

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