DFPG Investments, Inc. added 24 new advisors during the first quarter of 2019. The recent additions include advisors located across five different states, with an estimated $610M in total assets under administration.

“I am pleased to welcome these new advisors to DFPG,” says Mike Bendix, DFPG’s CEO.  “Although DFPG remains open to exploring new partnerships with advisors, our emphasis will always be on identifying the right fit.  In fact, we pride ourselves in being selective.  Our growth strategy is simple: we want long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial and that place investors first.”

Bendix says that most of the recent growth came through DFPG’s internal recruiting efforts, led by Nick Hansen, DFPG’s Vice President of Business Development and Marketing.  He also notes that DFPG’s expertise in alternative investments and due diligence, along with its strong focus on culture, were the driving factors behind the recent growth.

“Our growth reflects how well DFPG has positioned itself in the market,” says Hansen. “These new advisors were drawn to us by our value proposition, which they know can make them more competitive in their local markets.  It’s a lot of fun to tell the DFPG story and articulate what we can do on both the broker/dealer and RIA side of the business.”

Both Bendix and Hansen say that they are currently working with many other advisors who are examining the potential fit at DFPG. “With as much dialogue as we’re having right now with advisors looking to make a move,” says Hansen, “2019 could be a strong growth year for DFPG.”

DFPG is an independent broker-dealer and registered investment advisor (RIA) with registered representatives and investment advisors located across the country.  As a broker-dealer and RIA, DFPG provides a full-service platform that enables its financial advisors to more effectively serve their investors.

For more information about DFPG, including media inquiries, please contact Nick Hansen (nhansen@dfpg.com).