DFPG Investments is pleased to announce that J. Freeman & Associates, located in Greenville, South Carolina, has joined DFPG.

DFPG’s CEO Mike Bendix welcomed J. Freeman & Associates by saying, “We’re happy to welcome Jason Freeman and his team to the DFPG family! We appreciate how much effort Jason put into exploring this partnership. He has built an impressive business with an excellent staff, and I’m confident Jason will find DFPG to be a great fit.”

Jason Freeman says he and his team searched extensively for the right broker-dealer. “This was a huge decision for me,” says Freeman. “I was extremely focused on aligning myself with the best broker-dealer partner for my clients and business. After much thought and consideration, we knew DFPG would be a long-term partner.”

Bendix noted that 2019 has been a growth year for DFPG. “In addition to Jason and his team, we’ve added some other great advisors during the first part of the year. The recent growth reflects our focus on creating a comprehensive platform, combining our broker-dealer and RIA, and offering solutions that are truly unique in the industry.”

Mike Bendix is the former president of the Alternatives & Direct Investment Securities Association (ADISA), which is the nation’s largest alternative investments association. Bendix currently serves as chairman of ADISA’s Broker-Dealer Advisory Council.

DFPG is an independent broker-dealer and registered investment advisor (RIA) with registered representatives and investment advisors located across the country.  As a broker-dealer and RIA, DFPG provides a full-service platform that enables its financial advisors to more effectively serve their investors.

For more information about DFPG, including media inquiries, please contact Nick Hansen (nhansen@dfpg.com).