DFPG Investments is pleased to announce that Fulcrum Investment Services has joined DFPG.

“I was drawn to DFPG,” says Jonathan Rowland, founder of Fulcrum Investment Services, “because they provide a great platform for growing my business, along with a host of other services that will enable me to better serve my clients.”

Rowland has nearly 20 years of industry experience and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, near DFPG Investments’ home office. “Being close to the home office was very appealing,” notes Rowland, “but I was most attracted to DFPG’s RIA platform and their culture. You can tell that DFPG focuses on its people and the solutions provided through their RIA can help an advisor like me expand my business development efforts.”

“We’re excited to welcome Jonathan to DFPG Investments,” says Mike Bendix, DFPG’s CEO. “Jonathan came to us through a referral from an industry partner, so it’s very satisfying to know that our partners trust us enough to recommend DFPG to their own clients.”

Bendix is a former president of the Alternatives & Direct Investment Securities Association (ADISA), which is the nation’s largest alternative investments association. He currently serves on ADISA’s Broker-Dealer Advisory Council and Conference Planning Committee, and he is a previous member of the Education and Legislative & Regulatory Committees.

“Jonathan is another great example of an advisor who recognizes the value in what we’ve created with our RIA,” says Bendix. “When we fully integrated our RIA with the team at TownSquare Capital, our intention was to create a platform that advisors would value as a growth engine, along with all the other things we can do. Jonathan, and the other recent additions to our firm, validate our objective and we are very optimistic about the future.”

DFPG Investments is a national, full-service, independent broker-dealer and registered investment advisor (RIA) that specializes in working with representatives who want to incorporate alternative investments, with an emphasis in investment real estate, in their business. More information about DFPG, including media inquiries, can be directed to Nick Hansen (nhansen@dfpg.com). TownSquare Capital provides financial advisors and institutions with turnkey investment management solutions, including: business development; trading desk; asset manager due diligence, research, and selection; portfolio management and construction; and fee-billing.