From operations, business development, asset management, financial planning and technology, DFPG has developed a broad range of practice management services specifically designed to enhance the advisor experience.

Compliance Support.

Your compliance team should support the growth of your practice while seeking to protect you, and most importantly, your clients. As wealth management firms grow larger, the compliance trends move to the lowest common denominator, and sophisticated and compliant advisors are forced to adhere to unnecessary compliance protocols. DFPG’s compliance team is led by a deep team of seasoned professionals who understand regulatory trends and risk management, but who also understand the varying needs of advisors and their clients.


DFPG provides an open architecture when it comes to what technology our advisors can use. This means DFPG can provide options, from integrating an advisor’s existing technology to improving an advisor’s efficiencies by incorporating technology partners. Listed below are some of the technology solutions and technology partners available at DFPG.


Orion is a fully-integrated technology platform that assists advisors with portfolio accounting, performance reporting, model management, trading, and tracking important metrics.


CircleBlack is a client portfolio management solution that gives advisors a powerful and mobile-friendly tool that is fully integrated with Redtail, MoneyGuidePro, Riskalyze, and more.


eMoney is a wealth management and financial planning software that provides advisors with a tool for creating customizable, real-time financial planning and modeling solutions for clients.


MoneyGuidePro provides advisors with an easy-to-use, customizable, and integrated financial planning solution that promises to reduce manual and duplicative work.


Riskalyze offers a software-based solution for advisors who want to better determine investors’ risk tolerance and profile. Riskalyze helps advisors pinpoint an investor’s Risk Number and build a portfolio to match.


Morningstar is a portfolio management software that provides advisors with sophisticated tools for portfolio accounting, rebalancing, and reporting.


OnBase is DFPG’s premier and custom-designed workflow system that provides advisors with the ability to track trade submissions, minimizing delays, and streamlining communication.

Repertoire by Artisan Software

Repertoire by Artisan Software provides advisors with a streamlined way to monitor the status of commissions, along with a suite of statements and reporting tools.

Laser App

Laser App maps the data fields from an advisor’s CRM software to help prefill DFPG, custodian, and product sponsor forms. Advisors can access and complete important forms using Laser App from any device.


DocuSign offers advisors a secure way to upload and send documents to clients, while also enabling clients to access and sign important paperwork electronically.

Citrix’s ShareFile

Citrix’s ShareFile enables advisors to securely share and transfer documents electronically with clients, staff, and DFPG’s home office. With ShareFile, you can also easily share and receive large files.

FMG Suite

FMG Suite is an all-inclusive solution for advisors seeking help with marketing tools, website design, content creation, campaign automation, social media, and contact management.

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