DFPG’s partnership with RBC Correspondent Services means having access to the brokerage and fee-based tools that can help you work towards meeting your clients’ unique needs.

When DFPG set out to establish a relationship with a clearing firm, we knew that among the many options, it was critical to find a partner that could potentially elevate the relationships between us, our representatives, and our end clients. We set high expectations and put potential firms to the test. We are pleased to have partnered with RBC Correspondent Services to offer a host of exciting solutions. The size, longevity, expertise, and personal touch that RBC brings to the table fit well with DFPG’s goals and culture, creating a partnership that seeks tangible benefits for you and your clients.


As one of the largest clearing and execution firms in the world, RBC has simple processes and robust support for your clients to buy, sell, and hold equities, mutual funds, ETFs, fixed income products and more.

Custody of Alternative Investments

With DFPG’s emphasis on alternative investments, we looked for a partner that would compliment our strengths. Through our tailored partnership with RBC, your clients can in most cases hold their alternatives in both qualified and non-qualified accounts, with very competitive custody fees. This is a significant advantage over most custodians, allowing for even better consolidation of assets and information.

Research and Marketing Tools

DFPG Representatives who utilize RBC have access to a broad array of additional tools, such as market research from Thompson-Reuters, TheStreet.com, and others. RBC provides reporting and financial planning tools, advisor dashboards, data files for integration with other software, and a whole team of live professionals you can call directly for knowledgeable and prompt support. Learn more about RBC’s tools here.

Fee-Based Solutions

For Investment Advisor Representatives, the tools and resources of RBC extend to a comprehensive suite of fee-based options. From accounts you manage yourself, to hundreds of third-party managers, RBC can help simplify the process for you.